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About Us 

Our values and what drives us to work hard each day

At Fare Ladder we work towards bringing you the latest in travel technology supported by the human touch of customer support to exceed your client’s expectations


Where we come from

We are a group of travel specialists, helping our fellow industry experts in enhancing their customer’s needs

How do we steer

Our team leads the way by providing End to End service 24/7

Who do we deliver value to

We deliver value to aspiring businesses looking for growth in the aviation sector

What gives us power

Our confidence to empower our clients with aviation expertise to meet their business goals

Where are we going

We are on a mission to be your one stop shop for aviation needs


It takes experience, vision, zest and patience to guide a team towards a common goal. Here is our leadership team


Rohit Khatri,

Assistant Vice President Global Operation

I believe the future of business travel will be shaped by digital technologies which improves travel experience while providing more intelligent services to travel


Danny Gumaste,


It does not matter if your organization is big or small, we understand that you might have specific requirements and we

provide customized solutions according to your business goals.

Vikas Sachdev,

Executive Vice President

Primarily responsible for new business and managing

key global accounts, I strive to offer high quality & efficient

cost saving service options.

Kathryn Pierce, Director of Sales and Marketing 

I bring 30+ years of industry experience to the table, working both in the US & the UK. My goal is to assist in creating an environment for agencies, based on specific needs. 

Meet The Team

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