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A Matter of the Heart

A few months back we had an unforgettable experience with one of our customers. Our customer was a patient travelling for a heart surgery appointment. At the last minute, the flight for the route got cancelled owing to a sudden weather change. Heavy storms had come about, and panic ensued. When our customer reached out to us for help, we understood the gravity and urgency of the situation. As travel agency operators, we make it a practice to resolve problems as quickly and satisfactorily as possible. In this case we immediately contacted the airline for alternate flight options. We reached out to the relevant teams and appraised them of the need as this was a medical emergency. After multiple discussions with various executives, we eventually found another partner airlines which could provide the travel in this situation. Shortly thereafter, post seeking confirmation from the customer, we were able to rebook the customer with the partner airlines. That day, we all rejoiced as we were able to manage and resolve a matter of the heart.

Yours Truly, 24/7 Customer Support Team at FareLadder

About this blog Series "Travel “Support” Diaries" : To begin with, we want to take an opportunity to thank and congratulate our customer support function, which not only defines our quality of service, but is pretty much the backbone of our operations. And in this spirit, we bring forth our new blog series. This series is a culmination of short stories from across the globe, where our advisors faced complicated situations, and emerged victorious. Ranging from exceptional experiences for our customers, and in some cases resolving severe travel complications, the team has seen it all. We hope you enjoy a quick read, and as always, wish you safe and happy travels!

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