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Planning your Travel during a pandemic outbreak

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Managing stress and anxiety for your clients

The Aviation industry has been one of the hardest hit due to the coronavirus outbreak that started early this year. Although the number of corona virus cases are still rising everyday, life is slowly finding new ways to return to normalcy. Which means going back to office and considering travelling for personal or work related needs. Stress and anxiety have become realities for people trying to figure out the safest ways to travel. If you are a travel agent here are some things you can do to help your clients.

1. Keep track of travel advisories according to destination.

Travel restrictions and government policies change region to region according to the current scenario of virus outbreak there. Keep track of this at every phase of travel like planning, booking or before leaving for your journey. Keep your client informed about all the changing policies to keep them safe.

2. Inform your traveller about the new air travel safety norms.

Inform your client about all the airport procedures, what airline processes might have changed and how they should maintain safety during air travel. Tell them about the kind of protective gear they will be provided and how it should be used. Do this in creative ways to make it less stressful and more interactive. Some examples could be a demonstrative video or an infographic that they can refer anytime during their journey.

3. Choose a stay which will be convenient and safe.

Before you choose a stay find out about how the hotel maintains hygiene in light of this pandemic. It would be important to know how they test their staff and follow procedures. Consider how your client would reach the hotel from the airport conveniently.

4. Inform your client about how they can keep themselves safe

Share information about the corona virus, who is at risk, what puts you at risk and how to maintain personal hygiene when you are away from home. What are the symptoms they should look out for, and what to do in a situation where they might feel at risk. Give them a list of essentials to carry.

5. Acknowledge anxiety that many of your clients or employees may be suffering from

Travelling can be a daunting task during this time. Your client might be worried about their safety or their family’s well being. Help them connect with mental heath experts who could

guide them and help them with resources to deal with stress getting back to BAU.

6. Plan for unforeseen circumstances

Brainstorm all undesirable circumstances that you can foresee during the client travel you are planning and think of how to mitigate these risks. Have a plan about what you might do in those situations. Planning for the unplanned will not only help mitigate any risks during travel but also put your clients mind at ease. We are stronger together in this.

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